We are excited to announce that we’re featuring four new behind-the-scenes videos from Nickelback’s 2009 Dark Horse Tour on the media page.Check them out:


Meet Tom Wilhelm, Nickelback’s drum technician, who offers us a glimpse of Daniel’s drum gear and what it’s like to set-up drums for Nickelback Tour: “it’s much bigger.”

“Guitar Tech”

In this video, we hang with Tim and Kris “Daws” Dawson, Nickelback’s dynamic duo of guitar technicians, for a taste of some of the fine selections among Chad and Ryan’s electric guitar collections.

“Stage Design”

Watch the band explain what went into the stage design for Nickelback’s massive stage set and light show.

“Stage Managers”

In this clip, we talk with Donnie Floyd (Stage Manager) and Jerry Prater (Asst. Stage Manager) about what it takes to piece everything together for a Nickelback show.~~

Although these will eventually be opened up to the public, all of the above videos are now available exclusively to fan club members on the Media page.

This is just a sample of what’s to come on the new “Virtual Ticket” section of the website. It’s coming soon, so stay tuned!

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