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* General

    • Question: Is there a customer service phone number I can call if I have a question about the Fan Club?
    • Answer: Yes, please call 1-855 422-6857 in the US and 949-333-4825 for outside the US.

* Important Fan Club Presale Info

    • Question: Where can I find my unique presale access code?
    • Answer: Once you are logged in to the site, you can find your code on the Tour page above the tour grid. You can also find this information on the User Profile page. Please note, you must be a current, active member to receive a presale access code.
    • Question: Who can participate in the Nickelback Fan Club presale?
    • Answer: A number of tickets have been held exclusively for Nickelback Fan Club members for each show. The Fan Club presale gives you first ‘access’ to tickets, but does not guarantee you will be able to purchase tickets.
    • Question: Is there a Fan Club presale ticket limit?
    • Answer: Nickelback Fan Club members have access to eight (8) presale tickets per membership during the one-year membership period. This can be four (4) tickets to two (2) shows, two (2) tickets to four (4) shows, etc. The limit was previously four tickets but all active members have access to eight tickets now.


    • Question: How do I access the Nickelback Fan Club community?
    • Answer: If you are a Fan Club member, be sure you are logged in to the site and click on ‘Fan Club’ in the navigation at the top of the page. If you are not a Fan Club member, you will not be able to access the Fan Club Community.

Concert Tickets

    • Question: What does ‘Local Time’ mean?
    • Answer: If we say “presales start at 10AM Local Time”, this means that the presale will begin at the identified time in the local time zone where the venue is located. For example: if there is a presale for a concert in New York, it will happen at 10AM Eastern Time, and if there is a presale for a concert in California, that presale will start at 10AM Pacific Time.
    • Question: What seating areas do you offer Nickelback Fan Club members?
    • Answer: We strive to offer a broad cross-section of available seating to best accommodate all interested fans. Tickets are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Question: Who do I contact about the fulfillment of my presale tickets?
    • Answer: If you bought tickets through the Nickelback Fan Club presale and have a question about your tickets, please contact the ticketing agent’s customer service department for details. You can find contact information on the order confirmation email. For example, if you purchased presale tickets from Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster is your ticketing agent and should be contacted regarding ticket fulfillment.

Fan Club Membership

    • Question: How do I use my 10% discount in the Nickelback Store?
    • Answer: To apply your 10% discount in the Official Nickelback Online Store, you must first log in to and make sure you are a current, active Fan Club member. Then click on the “Store” link in the navigation and you will be directed to the store. If a product is eligible for the discount, you will see the discounted price next to each item. Please note, not all items will be eligible for the 10% discount.
    • Question: What are the terms of my membership?
    • Answer: Please click here to review our terms.
    • Question: I purchased my membership with a concert ticket on a different website, how do I redeem my membership?
    • Answer: If you purchased your Fan Club membership from a third party ticketing site (eg. Ticketmaster) when purchasing your concert tickets, you should receive an email within 1-2 weeks of your ticket purchase with a link and instructions on how to redeem your membership purchase.
    • Question: When will I receive my Fan Club membership gift?
    • Answer: Gifts will ship in April/May, 2017.