It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…

We’re talking about the Nickelback fall tour and our accompanying Fan Club Meet & Greet contest, of course. We had a blast while it lasted and hope that you all did too. Thanks to all the fans that entered – almost all of whom really do know their Nickelback. Want to double-check the answer you submitted, circumvent a question because you were unsure of the answer or just want to know everything Nickelback? Then enjoy the full trivia cheat sheet below.

Question #1: Which band member came up with the name Nickelback?
Mike Kroeger

Question #2: What is the name of the company where the aforementioned band member worked when he came up with the name Nickelback?

Question #3: Prior to settling on the name Nickelback, what was the name of the band we now know and love as Nickelback?
Village Idiots

Question #4: Which song was Nickelback’s first #1 single?
“How You Remind Me”

Question #5: In 2007, Nickelback had the top selling music video on iTunes. What song took the top honors?

Question #6: Chad Kroeger and Mike Kroeger are half-brothers. Who is older?
Mike Kroeger

Question #7: What is the name of Chad’s recording studio?
Mountain View Studios

Question #8: Prior to its current incarnation, what was the function of the building that now houses Chad’s recording studio?
It was a barn.

Question #9: Who has directed more Nickelback videos than any other director?
Nigel Dick

Question #10: What famed bearded musician is responsible for the spoken parts on Nickelback’s “Rockstar,” including the unforgettable line, “I’ll have the quesadilla”?
ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons

Question #11: What deceased musician has lyrics dedicated to him on Nickelback’s “Side of a Bullet”?
Dimebag Darrell

Question #12: Which member of Nickelback, acting as a real life “Hero,” once saved a woman from drowning?
Chad Kroeger

Question #13: What are the names of at least two major motion pictures that are based on comic books and which have featured Nickelback songs on their soundtracks?
Daredevil and The Punisher

Question #14: For the last decade (the 2000s), only one other band that is not native to the United States has sold better than Nickelback in the US. What is the name of the band?
The Beatles

Question #15: Who does the band credit with coming up with the concept for the “Savin’ Me” music video?
Ryan Peake’s wife, Treana Peake

Question #16: What word is printed on the front of the shirt Chad wears during his taping of MTV Cribs?

Question #17: What song did Nickelback perform during the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver?
“Burn It To The Ground”

Question #18: Brandon Kroeger, who was once a fulltime member of Nickelback, is related to Chad and Mike. What’s his relation?
First cousin

Question #19: What was the name of Nickelback’s first ever single?

Question #20: All proceeds from the digital sale of what song from All the Right Reasons went to charity?
“If Everyone Cared”

Question #21: Which band did drummer Daniel Adair play in just prior to joining Nickelback?
Three Doors Down

Question #22: How long did it take Nickelback to write and record their song “Animals”?
24 hours

Question #23 The video for what Nickelback song was banned from TV for being “too violent”?
“Never Again”

Question #24: What are the names of all six of the songs featured in the band’s Rock Band pack?
“Never Again,” “Figured You Out,” “Rockstar,” “Photograph,” “Burn It To The Ground” and “This Afternoon”

Question #25: What are the names of any five fellow musicians featured in the music video for Nickelback’s “Rockstar”?
Gene Simmons, Paul Wall, Twista, Billy Gibbons, Kid Rock, Nelly Furtado, Ted Nugent, Lupe Fiasco and John Rich were among the acceptable answers

Question #26: What Nickelback song is sung into a mirror by a character on the popular television show Scrubs?
“How You Remind Me”

Question #27: How many Grammy Awards has Nickelback been nominated for?

Question #28: How many Juno Awards has Nickelback won?

Question #29: Previously on the Dark Horse tour, Nickelback covered another band’s song famously produced by Dark Horse record producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Which song?
AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”

Question #30: What was the name of Nickelback’s first EP?

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