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We can’t think of many things in life better than being right in front of the stage at a Nickelback show, one hand wrapped around a cold one and the other punching at the air in time to the band’s opening song. What could be better?How about meeting the band before they take to the stage for that opening song? We can help you with that.

The Nickelback Fan Club is happy to offer members (and a guest) a chance to win Meet & Greet upgrades for every show on the Fall 2010 Leg of the Dark Horse World Tour.

Here’s how it works. Every day in the news section for the 30 days leading up to the first show of the tour, we’re going to post a trivia question about the band. Check the news every day and, if you think you know the answer to one of the questions and you want to meet the band, enter to win a Meet & Greet upgrade by entering in the Contest section of the site. Be sure to take close note of the trivia question (they are numbered 1 through 30) as you?ll have to select that number on your contest entry form to let us know which question you’re answering.

Here’s Question #1: Which band member came up with the name Nickelback?

Come back tomorrow for the second question, and every day after for another.

In the meantime, full Terms & Conditions can be found here, but a few things you should know off the bat:

  • You and your guest must have already tickets to the show in order to take advantage of the Meet & Greet upgrade. The contest is open to members only. Only one entry is allowed per membership.
  • Entries for each show will stop being accepted 10 days prior to the show date.
  • You must present a valid ID to participate in the Meet & Greet on the day of the show.