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03.29.10 Important Information about the 2010 Nickelback Fan Club Member Gift
We’re pleased to announce the 2010 NBFC member gift pack. New and renewing members will receive a shiny new Nickelback Dark Horse key chain as well as a 2010 NBFC member card, which is good for early entry access to any of Nickelback’s headlining tour dates during your membership year. Both items are exclusively available to Nickelback Fan club members. See below for images of the 2010 gift items, but first please read an important note about your 2010 gift:

Please note that we are also rolling out a new process for redeeming your member gift.  In order to receive your 2010 Nickelback Fan Club Gift, you’ll need to confirm your mailing address via the “Member Gift” page that has been added to the site (top-right button on the site’s navigation bar).

We’re introducing this new step to better improve the overall process for mailing items to members and to increase accuracy of shipments. In previous years, member gifts were automatically sent to members. But starting in 2010, members will need to complete the “Gift Redemption” process in order to have their gift mailed to them. The good news is that this step only takes a minute, but it will drastically increase efficiency with the shipping and fulfillment process.

If you should have any questions about the gift Redemption process, please don’t hesitate to send us an email:

Introducing the 2010 Official Nickelback Fan club Member Gift Pack:

Item #1: Exclusive Nickelback Key Chain

Item #2: 2010 Nickelback Fan Club Member Card

As with previous member cards, the NBFC member card is not just a memento, but a badge that allows you Early Entry Access to any of Nickelback’s headlining shows during your membership year.