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08.06.10 Nickelback Takes Japan This Weekend

This weekend, Nickelback will take to the stage in Tokyo and Osaka to perform at the 11th annual Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. The band joins a mind-blowing number of acts performing on more stages than you can count with the fingers on your good hand.Hitting the Marine Stage in Tokyo’s Chiba Marine Stadium on Saturday and the Ocean Stage in Osaka’s Maishima Summer Concert Site on Sunday, Nickelback will share the stage with a diverse lineup that includes fellow artists Jay-Z and The Offspring.

Nickelback is scheduled to hit the stage at 5PM (local time) for both Saturday and Sunday’s shows, which is roughly the same time the party is starting on Friday and Saturday night in bars across North America. In other words, it wouldn’t be inappropriate as the night wears on to raise a glass, can or bottle to the boys as they bring the house down in the Land Of The Rising Sun, many time zones away.