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10.08.10 Second Round Of Meet & Greet Winners Announced We’re halfway through the 2010 fall leg of Nickelback’s Dark Horse World Tour and, looking back, we’ve already packed what feels like a lifetime of good times into the first half of the tour. And since little has matched the fun of the Nickelback Meet & Greets, we thought now was a good time to announce the next round of winners, many of which have already had their fun:



We’ve also got photos for you of some of the Meet & Greet winners we announced in the first round:

Nashville winner Kailey722

Albany winner nolanh01

Mansfield winner janetlee (with guest)

Hershey winner teri74

Newark winner leeinpa

Haven’t entered to win a Meet & Greet with Nickelback yet? What are you waiting for? We’re still accepting entries for the last seven shows on the tour, so if you’re a member of the Fan Club, already have a ticket to an upcoming show and you know a little something about the band, enter to win a Meet & Greet upgrade today!